January 31, 2011

Mushroom Manchurian

Fresh mushroom- 200gm
All purpose flour/maida- 2 tblspn
Corn flour-2 tblspn
Ginger garlic paste-1 tspn
Red chilly powder-¾ tspn
Salt to taste
Onions (chopped)-1
Garlic (minced)-4 pods
Green chilly-2 nos
Soy sauce- 2 tblspn
Chilli sauce-1 tblspn
Tomato ketchup- 3 tblspn
Ajinomoto-¼ tspn
Spring onions(chopped)- ¼ cup
A few coriander leaves
Oil for frying
1.Make a paste of all purpose flour,corn flour,red chilly powder and salt using water.
2.Add ginger garlic paste to the paste
3.Dip the mushrooms in the paste and deep fry till golden brown. Keep aside.
4.Heat oil in another pan and add onions,minced garlic and green chillies.Saute for a while
5.Mix soy sauce,chilli sauce,ajinomoto and tomato ketchep to it.
6.Add fried mushrooms kept aside and mix well
7.garnish with coriander leaves and spring onions.

Serve with rice,fried rice or noodles.

January 29, 2011


Yam (sliced thinly into 11/2" length pieces)  -150 gm
Ash guard (sliced thinly into 11/2" length pieces)  -150 gm
Raw banana(sliced thinly into 11/2" length pieces)  - 1 no
Long runner beans (sliced thinly into 11/2" length pieces)  -75gm
carrot(sliced thinly into 11/2" length pieces)  -1 no (medium size)
Drum sticks  (cut into 2" length pieces ) - 2 nos
Turmeric powder - ½ tspn
Salt to taste
Grated coconut -200 gm
Cumin seeds- 1 tspn
Green chilies - 6-7 nos
Sour curd-1 cup
Coconut oil - 3 tblspn
A few curry leaves

1.Grind the coconut, green chillies and cumin seeds by adding very little water.Keep it aside.
2.Boil all the vegetables(yam,ash guard,raw banana,long runner beans,carrot,drumsticks) with  salt and turmeric powder about 5-10 mins using a little water.Do not add too much water.
3.When the vegetables are cooked add the coconut paste and stir well for 3 mins.
4.Add curd(yogurt). Heat for a minute
5.Add coconut oil, curry leaves and stir well.

Serve hot with rice, roti etc.