March 16, 2011

Mango Pickle

Mango –1 (cut into small pieces)
Salt to taste
Gingely oil-2 tblspn
Mustard seeds-1 tspn
A few Curry leaves
Chilli powder-1 tblpn
Turmeric powder -½ tspn
Asafoetida powder – ½ tspn
Fenugreek powder – ½ tspn
1.Mix together salt,red chilli powder and mango pieces well and keep aside for 1-2 hr. 
2.Add turmeric powder and mix well.
3.Heat oil in  a pan. splutter mustard seeds.
4.Reduce heat to low and add asafetida powder,fenugreek powder  and curry leaves.stir fry about 1 min.
5.Add the marinated mangoes and mix well.

Serve with Rice and curd.


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