March 7, 2011

Mathan Erissery ( pumpkin curry)

Pumpkin-1 cup( cut into small size pieces)
Toor dal- ¼ cup (optional)
Turmeric powder- ½ tspn
Chilli powder-1 tspn
Grated coconut-1 cup
Cumin seeds-2 tspn
Pepper corns-1 tspn
Jaggery – ½ piece
Olive oil / or coconut oil-1 tblspn
Mustard seeds-1 tspn
Dried red chillies-2 ( broken into two)
A few curry leaves
Salt to taste
Water as required
1.cook the toor dal and pumpkin in a pressure cooker along with turmeric powder and salt.And smash it.
2.Mean while grind the coconut with cumin seeds and pepper corns using a little water.
3.Add this coconut paste to the cooked dal and pumpkin and boil it.
4.Add chilli powder and jaggery.Add water and salt if necessary.Curry should be dont add too much of water.Boil for 5-10 mins.Remove from the heat.
5.Heat oil in an another pan.Splutter mustard seeds.
6.Add dried red chillies and curry leaves.
7.pour this to the curry for garnishing. 

Serve with rice

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