April 11, 2011

Butter Murukku

Rice flour-2 cups
Gram flour-1/2 cup
Butter-2 tblspn
Asafetida powder-1/4 tspn
Sesame seeds : 1 tsp
Cumin seeds : 1 tsp
Water : as needed for consistency
Salt to taste
1.Mix rice flour, gram flour together in a deep pan. Roast them for 2 mins on low heat.
2.Then mix salt,butter,asafetida powder,sesame seeds and cumin seeds to the flour & mix well. Mix little water and make a think dough.
3.Grease the murukku maker with little butter or oil.( I’ve used the single star attachment to make this murukku but you can use three star to make a different shape.)
4.Press the dough on the plastic sheet and you will find the dough coming out shaped as per the one star attachment.( or you can also sqeeze the murukkus directly in the hot oil)
5.Heat the oil in a frying pan
6.Fry them until golden color and drain them on a tissue paper.

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